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The Answers are in the Flames…

The once majestic kingdom of Balam now lies in ruins, and Queen Blaise grapples with the haunting legacy of her predecessor, the late Queen Rowena. Before Blaise can acclimate to her new role, her kingdom falls prey to invasion, and she manages to narrowly evade the encroaching threat.

Blaise’s akrani seems more elusive than ever. If she could rule the chaos within her, she could ensure the safety of her loved ones. However, the imposing presence of an unknown high god casts a shadow over the realms, revealing a truth that shatters Blaise's understanding of life itself.

Riddled with exhaustion and besieged by the relentless barrier of defeat, Blaise stands at the precipice of her destiny. Should she persist in the futile struggle for dominance, or embrace the chaotic nature of her akrani?

Meanwhile, Captain Kaiden embarks on his own quest for identity and purpose, becoming entwined in the pandemonium of Balam. The news of Blaise’s assassination attempt derails his original plan, and he’s ordered to return to Balam as Elatora’s emissary.

As Kaiden unravels the truths during his assignment, he discovers that his journey extends beyond mere lineage. It's a larger destiny interwoven with the survival of the realms and the enigmatic power that Blaise wields.

With an uncertain future looming, Kaiden is compelled to face his most formidable fear. He must embrace his newfound purpose, and navigate the currents of chaos threatening to engulf him and Blaise.

Kaiden and Blaise stand at fate's crossroads: forge an alliance to protect all they cherish, or risk succumbing to unyielding forces eager to end their existence, and destroy the very fabric of the realms.

Love can make monsters of us all…



What Readers Are Saying

This book is a mix of fantasy, magic, angst, self-discovery, the right amount of spice, world and character building that made me put everything but reading this book on hold.

Erika Clements, Goodreads review

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Alyssa Green is a fantasy romance author, who is passionate about creating worlds and stories, which push the imagination beyond its limits.

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