An entire town massacred.
A woman set on revenge.
A magical ability that may be the answer.


After half-blood Samara’s family is murdered, she seeks revenge on Commander Dunnberg, the knight responsible. While on her path to retaliation, she meets Andre Prier, a rogue knight in the forest of Dunlow, who agrees to train her for combat.

Years later, after Andre is murdered by Dunnberg’s mercenaries, Samara returns to her hometown of Norwich and encounters Henry, a boy from her childhood. Samara discovers that Dunnberg is now the Mayor of Norwich and is forced to hide her identity. As Samara grapples with falling in love and preparing to take down the treacherous Dunnberg, she struggles to control the magical ability she was blessed with as a half-blood.

With help from a wolf-pup named Denali, and childhood friends Henry and Mary, it appears that Samara finally has everything she needs to take down Dunnberg. But, Samara begins to question her mission and wonders if killing Dunnberg will be enough. Will Samara follow through with her all-consuming plans for vengeance? Or will she fail to kill the man who destroyed her family?


"This is Alyssa Green's debut fantasy romance novel and was a quick read. This isn't a genre I typically pick up, but her writing talent and ability to craft an intriguing story made it worth the read. I especially enjoyed the action scenes and could clearly picture them as they happened. If you enjoy fantasy romance books, don't miss out on this one!"

Nichole Heydenburg

Samara & Henry

Character art by Enchanted Ink Publishing